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New Articles

Bjørnar Grande, John Kåre Langelid, Olav Wærstad, EFD Induction
- Maximizing uptime in high-frequency tube and pipe welding
Bananas Design Ltd
- Apple Apps as marketing tool booming
Metallisation, UK
- Protecting ERW seams from corrosion
Dennis Reynolds, Bytewise Measurement Systems
- On-Line Measurement for Roll Formed Tubes and Profiles
John Reinlund, KWH Pipe
- Polyethylene Pipes Replace Concrete In Power Station's Cooling Water Intake
Hendrik Loebbe
- The effect of frequency in welding thick-walled HFI pipes
A. J. Schenk , Intercon Enterprises Inc.
- WHY PURGE ? Purging for Pipe/Tube Welds - On Corrosion-Resistant Metals
J Venczel, Magnetic Analysis Corp
- Performance Improvement of Rotary Ultrasonic Testers
- Effect of Heat treatment method in minimizing the residual stress level in Cold Drawn Welded Tubes (CDW/DOM)
John Inge Asperheim and Leif Markegård, EFD Induction a.s
- Optimization of seam annealing process with the help of 2D simulations
Charles P. Howes
- Arc Spray Systems for Tube Mill Galvanizing
Flávio Braga, Virtual Tubes and Pipes Consulting
- Virtual ERW - A Computer Graphical Evaluation of Heat Affected Zone to ERW Steel Tubes and Pipes
D.I. Fritz Nerat and D.I. Jörg Papak, Körner Chemieanlagenbau GmbH
- New developments in tube pretreatment plants
Brad Jeffery, Contributing Writer, IRMCO
- Advanced lubricant technology for high-strength steel
Torsten Holm, Sören Wiberg, Thomas Mahlo, Rolf Andersson, Linde Gas
- Furnace Atmospheres for Tube Annealing
John Inge Asperheim, Bjørnar Grande, EFD Induction
- Factors Influencing Heavy Wall Tube Welding
Mike Wilson, Managing Director, Meta Vision Systems Ltd
- Advamces in Automated Welding
E. Ceretti, C. Giardini, A. Attanasio, F. Brisotto
- FEM Analysis of Rotary Tube Piercing Process
- Linear Motor technology for chipless tube cut-off
Greg Miller, Tubular Solutions
- Tube Forming Processes A Comprehensive Guide
Roy Page, Turner Machine Company
- Rolls for tube straightening machines
Mark B. Palynchuk, Western Instruments Inc.
- Calibration Standards for High Performance Tubes & Pipes

Tube and Pipe production issues

Albert Sedlmaier , data M
- Computer Aided Design for Rollforming Shaped Tube
Dr. Rainer Hergemoeller , Schumag AG
- Modern Production Methods for High Volume Copper Tube Manufacturing
Dave Plester, Datapaq Ltd
- Advances in temperature profiling equipment for the tube & pipe industries
Pro-Fusion Technologies, Inc.
- Arc welding on a stainless steel tube mill
General Info
- How Copper Tube is Manufactured
Ian D. Harris, EWI
- Tube Welding
John Inge Asperheim, Bjørnar Grande, ELVA Induksjon a.s
- Temperature Evaluation of Weld Vee Geometry and Performance
F. Davydov, Delta-service
- Advanced technology of making electric welded tubes equivalent by their quality to seamless tubes
Charles Thrift, TI Group Automotive Systems
- Double benefits CO-Tube
Peter Chifo, Jr, Superior Technologies
- Galvanizing and Coating of Tubular Products and Shapes
- Selecting the Right H.F. Generator
Richard A Harris, Lincoln Electric
- Custom Weld Metal for Arctic Pipeline
Ph.D, Baicheng Wen, Roll-Kraft Inc
- Eliminating surface marking on Welded Tube and Pipe
Dr. Bruno E. Buluschek, SWISSCAB SA
- Manufacture of Laser Welded Composite Tubes
Mannesmann Demag
- Continuous Production Line for Welded Copper Tubes
Keith Barraclough, Doltec Ltd.
- Improved Mill Drive System
John Powell, Inductoheat
- High speed ACR copper tube inline induction annealing
Albert Sedlmaier, data M Software + Engineering
- Computer Aided Process Simulation and Quality Control for Design and
manufacture of High Quality Tube Mill Rolls
Dr. Paul Scott, Thermatool Corp.
- The Effects of Frequency in High Frequency Welding
George Heisler, Seco/Warvick Corp.
- Annealing and Finishing Hot and Cold rolled Carbon, Stainless Steel, and Copper Tubing
Mark Costello, Kent Corporation
- Joining coils together increases productivity, while reducing scrap, tooling damage and safety hazards on progressive die and roll form lines
Mr. Theodore Morin and Dr. Paul Scott, Thermatool Corp.
- Modern Methods of High Frequency Welding Used to Produce Consistent Quality
Christopher "Kip" Cole & Stacy Reese, Kipco International
- Increasing welding speeds of St.Steel tubular products by using multicathode welding
Jean-Claude Prouheze & Didier Bonjean, Vallourec
- Saving Weight With More Steel Tube Components


Jim Dalton, Bardons & Oliver, Inc
- Continuous, automatic processing of heavy-wall round tubing
Peter Sohler, Kinkelder BV
- Tremendous resources for cost cutting in tube sawing
Iwao Nakata, Fusatsugu Abe, Hiroyoshi Kato: Nakata Mfg Co. Ltd.
- Fine and Productive Tube & Pipe Cutting by Tip Saw System
William Holyoak, T-DRILL
- Basic Tube cut-to-length methods

Testing, Measuring and Inspecting

Mike Badeen, Phillips Petroleum Borger Refinery
- Tell Tale Holes (TTH)
John Venczel, Magnetic Analysis Corporation
- Ultrasonic testing of tubes and bars by computer based instrumentation
Richard D. Roberts, Quest Integrated
- Laser Profilometry For Tube Inspection
Joseph E. Pascente, Lixi Inc
- New portable pipe wall thickness measuring techniques
Mr. Hartmut Kümmel, Institut Dr. Förster,
- Nondestructive Testing of Nonferrous Tubes - In Particular Copper Tubes
Mr. Terrance Banach, Magnetic Analysis Corp.
- Ultrasonic Inspection of Small Diameter Welded Tube - Truths and Consequences

Orbital Welding

John G. Emmerson, Magnatech
- Pipeline Industry Looks to New Processes for Mechanized Weld Quality
Barbara K. Henon, Ph.D. and Angel Brond, Arc Machines, Inc.
- Latest Developments in Welding Specifications for Sanitary Process Piping
Pro-Fusion Technologies, Inc.
- Fundamentals of Orbital Tube Welding
- Orbital cutting and welding made easy
Barbara Henon, Arc Machines, Inc.
- Orbital Welding of Stainless Steel Tubing for Biopharmaceutical, Food and Dairy Applications
Mr. Ian Farmer, Welding and Metal Fabrication Magazine,
- Narrowing the gap with hot wire orbital TIG

Tube & Pipe Hydroforming

Richard A. Marando, Parish Division of Dana Corp.
- Tubular Hydroforming: The Enabling Technology

Robotics & tube handling

Gerry Lemay, JCD International Robotics Corp
- Robotic Pipe and Tube Handling System

Tube Swaging and endforming

Frank Müller, HMP
- The advantages of rotary swaging

Tube Bending

Greg Miller, Tubular Solutions, Inc.
- Tube Bending Primer
BLM-Adige (UK) Ltd
- Tube Bending, Form and Fabrication
Alex Slouka Jr, Omni-X
- Tube Bending Guide
Tadao Kato, Nissin Precision
- Highly Improved Function and Productivity for Tube Bending by CNC Bender
Peter Chapman, Addison Tube Forming Ltd.
- State of the art CNC tube bending
Antonio Crippa, Crippa SpA
- News for Automotive Air-conditioning tube bending
Mr. Bernd Jeskolka, IDEAL-Werk.
- Flash Butt Welder for Shearing, Centering and Deburring

Tube Branching, Collaring and Flanging

- Pipe Collaring and Flanging
William H. Holyoak, T-Drill Industries, Inc
- Small Diameter Tube Branching

Tube Threading

Paul Znidar, PMC Industries
- Tube and pipe threading advancements for standard and premium joints

Tube beveling and chamfering

William Sandford, Tri Tool Inc.
- Preparing Tube Ends for High-Purity Welding
Bill Atkinson, Tri Tool Inc.
- Automatic Tube Welding for High Purity Systems

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