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Non-Ferrous tube and pipe
Aluminum tube and pipe suppliers [Submit yours]
Brass tube and pipe suppliers [Submit yours]
Copper tube and pipe suppliers [Submit yours]
Copper Nickel tube and pipe suppliers [Submit yours]
Nickel tube and pipe suppliers [Submit yours]
Titanium tube and pipe suppliers [Submit yours]
Plastic tube and pipe [Submit yours]

Fittings and valves
Fittings and valves [Submit yours]

Ferrous tube and pipe
Producers and manufacturers General List [Submit yours]
Wholesalers and retailers General List [Submit yours]
Stainless Pipe & Tube [Submit yours]
OCTG [Submit yours]
Line Pipe [Submit yours]
Standard Pipe [Submit yours]
Mechanical Tube [Submit yours]
Structural Pipe & Tube [Submit yours]
Pressure Tube [Submit yours]
Precision Steel Pipe & Tube [Submit yours]
Welded Steel Tubes [Submit yours]
Seamless Steel Tubes [Submit yours]
Hot Rolled Seamless Steel Pipes [Submit yours]
High Frequency Longitudinal Welded Steel Pipes [Submit yours]
Steel for other specific application [Submit yours]

Specially defined tubing
Automotive tubing [Submit yours]
Air Conditioning tubing [Submit yours]
Flexible metal tubing [Submit yours]
Heat exchanger tubes [Submit yours]
Finned tubes [Submit yours]
Medical application [Submit yours]
Large diameter pipes / vessels [Submit yours]
Large Diameter Rolled and Welded Steel Pipes [Submit yours]
Spiral Welded Pipe [Submit yours]
Clad Pipe, Fittings [Submit yours]
Weld Overlaid Pipe, Flanges, Fittings, Valves [Submit yours]
Plumbing products [Submit yours]

Tube and pipe Coatings & Coating services [Submit yours]
Cut to length services & supplies [Submit yours]
Orbital welding works and services [Submit yours]
Bending & endforming serv. & supplies [Submit yours]
Tube & Pipe Inspection Service providers [Submit yours]
Other tube fabrication services & supplies [Submit yours]

Other tubular items and products
Surplus tubes & pipes [Submit yours]
Special shape tubing [Submit yours]
Other tubing and tubular products [Submit yours]

Tube and Pipe Software
Software [Submit yours]

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