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Surplus tubes & pipes
USA, Canada & South America

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TubeNet Premium Listing
Akm Chowdhury Rectangular Tube (TIG WELDED), SQ. Tube, Seamless Pipe,Round - NY
Prosidex Seamless and welded steel pipes - Belgium
shamrock trading for sale t/l's galvanized 3/4"x10' secondary conduit tubing - OR
luceca pipes and accesories request - Venezuela
Kraft Mill in B.C. 316 Stainless Pipe - Canada
Carolina Galvanized Tube 2.5" OD x 14ga x 20 HRPO - NC
Industrial Steel & Fastener Corp steel coils for sale - PA
Hamilton Pipe Co. New & Used Pipe ,Gates,Panels - TX
Tenneco Automotive Surplus 409ss laser welded tube - IN
Ashok K Gupta tubes 52100 surplus - WA
Greiner Industries Inc. Domestic A500B Tube Steel 14"x10"x1/2"x60ft For Sale - PA
Abacus Corporation Pte Ltd Steel, PE , PVDF pipes and fittings - Singapore
Hongbao Group We'd like to sell titanium and Stainless S. tube @ low price - China
Titan Steel Corporation Processor and distributor of carbon steel tubing - MI
Sovereign Steel Trading New Surplus Pipe - TX
Bend-Tech Software tube & pipe bending software - FL
Stemcor GmbH Secondary welded stainless steel tube + pipe - Germany
Allen Aikens Inc. Surplus 2.000 Dia. - 1035 Steel Tubes For Sale - AK
Tubacex Tubos Inox Duplex Tubing - Spain
Electro Conductores Especiales Copper tube type "M" for sale - Mexico
JOKER Steel Inc. Casing for sale 7" and 13.3/8" - Poland
TME Ltd Large diameter steel pipes - UK
Rainham Steel Tubes Limited Large diameter surplus steel tubes for disposal - UK
La Metallifera spa Surplus of Cold Drawn E.R.W. tubes - carbon steel quality - Italy
Eurometimpex Ltd Large diameter new and used steel pipes - Russia

TubeNet Basic Listing
Blue Metals Importing pipe & tubing - PA
[USA, Canada & South-America]     [Europe]     [Asia & Australasia]     [Africa & Middle-East]
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