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Other tube fabrication equipment
USA, Canada & South America

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TubeNet Premium Listing
Gem Tool Corp. Scarfing Tools. OD Rotary,SPUB,ID inserts & tools - WI
Thermatool Corp. Welding, heating, cutting and bundling equipment. - CT

TubeNet Basic Listing
National Recruiting Service Recruiting "Exclusively" for pipe & tubing industry - IN
Sales Consultants of Hartland Permanent placement recruiting - MI
Cross Oil and Well Service tubing,casing,rods,pump jacks,well heads etc - IL
Allied Flux Reclaiming, Ltd. Recycler of submerdged arc welding flux/slag - Canada
Allstate's Of America Inc. Automotive tube benders, grinders, etc - FL
Fraunhofer Usa - Forming Technology Research and development in tube hydroforming - MI
Proform Custom Machine Inc. Tube&wire benders,assy and leaktest fixtures - Canada
Hautau Tube cutoff, endfinishing, fabricating machinery - OH
Criterion Machinery, Inc. Benders, pierce machines, tube cells, and systems. - OH
D.L.Ricci Corp Portable machining tools - MN
Westinghouse Savannah River Company True color tube bore inspection system (tctbis) - SC
Technovations International Inc Surface treatment of tube making dies, rolls etc. - PA
PRD Company, Inc. Spiral weld pipe mills, end bevel and hydrotesters - CA
Absolute Engineering Company Design & build custom machinery for the tube ind. - OH
Manchester Tool and Die, Inc. Endforming, crimping, rolling/grooving & specials - IN
Industrial Maintenance And Fabricating Inc. Pipe staighteners cross roll type - WY
Industrial Maintenance And Fabricating Inc. Pipe straightening machine - WY
Anstett Inc. Any type of machinery for working with tubing! - FL
The Wachs Companies Portable pipe cutting & beveling machines. - IL
Insco Saw Division Coldsaw machines for tube and pipe cutting. - SC
Quest Integrated, Inc. Laser-optic tube inspection system (Lotis) - WA
Tubac,s.a. Pipe producers - Guatemala
Sales Consultants of Hartland Permanent placement recruiting - MI
Pro Tools - Tube & Pipe Benders Manual and hydraulic pipe and tube benders. - FL
Desert Tool & Die Co. Motorsports and constuction fabrication equipment - CA
Richardson Electronics Electron tubes and components - IL
Ramtech Automatic drafting software for tube bending - OH
Dieform Rotary tube swaging and fabrication - CA
PIW Machinery, Inc. Tubular finishing and equipment manufacturers - OH
J&H Power Group, Inc. Tube and pipe milling and rolling equipment - NC
Acid Recovery Systems, Inc. Acid recovery, pickle lines, waste treatement - IN
Engineering Central Engineering Links - Canada
RGS Mill Products Corp. Heat containment system for roller hearth furnace - IN
Technovations International Inc Surface hardening of tooling at room temperature - PA
ATR Corporation In-line or off-line tube spray wash system & misc. - TX
Kent Corporation Coil processing machinery & tube finishing equipme - OH
Fundicion Titania Mill rolls,piercer points, guides, high alloyed pc - Argentina
Galaxie Corporation Tube and pipe mills, slitting lines, etc. - MI
Climax Portable Machine Tools, Inc. Machine tools for cutting weld preps on pipe. - OR
Country Saw & Knife Inc. Latest CNC sharpening technologies - OH
Klad Inc. Weld overlay sizes starting from 1.5" id - TX
McMillan Conroy Machinery Saws, cut-offs, Schumags, etc. - CT
Fairfield Machine Co., Inc. Pipe & tube finishing floor equipment - OH
Lomar Machine & Tool Company Crimpers, Benders, Endformers, Leak Testers, Tooling - MI
Valy 95 8-Sided carbide O.D. scarfing inserts -
Serpi Swager and end forming machine - Canada
Brandt Engineered Products Ltd. Custom designed/built Tube & Pipe mill equipment - Canada
Barnes Advanced Technology, Inc. Edge and surface prep, skiving and decambering machines - NY
CAORLE Endworking machines for simultaneous Chamfer, Thread, Face - NJ
E.H. Wachs Company Portable cold cutting and beveling solutions - IL
[USA, Canada & South-America]     [Europe]     [Asia & Australasia]     [Africa & Middle-East]
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