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3D UV Curing for Pipes and Tubes
UV Process Supply
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Company: UV Process Supply, IL, United States
Attn: Steve Arndt

UV Process Supply Introduces the Cure Tunnel

Chicago, March 28, 2003 - UV Process Supply is proud to unveil Con-Trol-Cure's groundbreaking Cure Tunnel. This 4 lamp, 400W/in curing system outperforms the high-speed 3-D curing competition, while maintaining the value pricing that Con-Trol-Cure is known for. The 4 asymmetrically mounted lamps in the Cure Tunnel provide curing power to the substrate utilizing a unique and efficient layout. Each of the 400W/in lamp units is fixed at a 45 degree angle-the first and only curing system with this feature. This exclusive configuration, combined with the patented housing geometry, enables this unit to outperform systems retailing at nearly 2-1/2 times the price The Cure Tunnel even has power to spare. A current customer has exhibited satisfactory cure at speeds exceeding 350ft/min while running their system at only half-power (200W/in).

The Cure Tunnel's dual lamp layout and unique 10" focus allow for greater air circulation, keeping the substrate significantly cooler than traditional lamp configurations. Recent performance tests verified that under normal operating conditions, these lamps impart minimal heat onto the substrate. A galvanized steel pipe left the Cure Tunnel with an exit temperature of 76 degrees F. Such a dramatic reduction in temperature over comparable systems means heat sensitive substrates (plastic, PVC, etc.) can be cured using the Cure Tunnel.

     Tel: 773-248-0099   Fax: 773-880-6647
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