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Rafter/HKS-Prozesstechnik partnership announced
Rafter Equipment Corp
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Company: Rafter Equipment Corp, OH, United States
Attn: Sales Dept.

Rafter Equipment Corporation has reached an agreement with HKS-Prozesstechnik GmbH ( to become the exclusive North American system integrator for their ThermoProfilScanner (TPS) non-destructive weld seam inspection system. The TPS uses a unique "lens-less" thermal imaging sensor to capture the heat profile of the weld seam just after welding.

The heat profile is recorded and displayed at the operators interface. Recipes for various products can be established based on known thresholds for temperature distribution across the seam, profile symmetry, profile position (i.e., on or off center), and maximum temperature. The heat profiles are stored in a database relative to the location within a given tube as determined by a speed input signal. The individual tubes are identified and numbered in the database by using the customers existing cutoff signal. Additional parameters such as tube speed and weld power are also recorded.

The database can be accessed and backed up to the customers existing network via an Ethernet connection. Profiles for individual tubes can be recalled at any time for further inspection making this system ideal for ISO requirements. Please contact the Rafter sales department for further information.

     Tel: +1(440)-572-3700   Fax: +1(440)-572-3703
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