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New machines for vehicle exhaust production
Rivers Machinery Ltd
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Company: Rivers Machinery Ltd, UK
Attn: Ernst Wagner

Five new hydraulic tube manipulation machines from the Italian company, BEMA, specifically for motor vehicle exhaust pipe manufacture, are available in the UK through sole agent, Rivers Machinery, Southampton. The equipment offers a wide range of tube bending and machining facilities covering applications from straightforward to highly complex.

The D Series is available with one, two or three working heads. All are designed for use on tube up to 125 mm diameter and offer fundamentally similar facilities for enlargement, tapering and cutting / notching of the workpiece. Standard and Super variants are available for use with straight or pre-bent tubing and all offer rapid set-up.

Tight tolerance manipulation is available with the DIE Series of bender / manipulators which are suitable for tube up to 100 mm diameter. The machines are compatible with Eagle I/O tooling for simultaneous enlargement and tapering, and feature one or two working heads. Manual and programmed operation is available.

DA Series machines can enlarge, taper, flare and execute coupling cuts. One, two and three working head versions are available, and all are controlled by PLCs. These machines are highly flexible; they offer the option of using the working heads simultaneously or independently, and are compatible with a wide range of tooling. These machines are considered to be suitable for the most difficult car exhaust pipe bending tasks.

BEMA's DFO Series machines are designed for punching holes in horizontally oriented tubing. Depending on the model, INOX tube up to 130 mm diameter can be handled, with holes of similar or different sizes punched at constant or irregular pitch.

Lastly the DTV Series of machines is designed for trim cutting and dissection of tubes. Up to four tubes can be processed simultaneously. Whereas the DTV is a disc-type cutting machine suitable for mild and stainless steel applications, an alternative bandsawing system is offered for INOX tube, in the shape of the BEMA DR70.

     Tel: 01489 772882   Fax: 01489 772888
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