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ERW Tube Inspection during the welding process
R/D Tech
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Company: R/D Tech, United Kingdom
Attn: Jim Costain

Reaching the goal of high quality inspection for ERW products is possible with advanced phased array ultrasound techniques.

The R/D Tech ERW test system offers outstanding performance for the n-line inspection of ERW tube. Our systems, using UT Phased Arrays or unique Eddy Current arrays have now been installed on many ERW lines throughout the world.

To meet our customers requirements for continuous and cut section of ERW product inspection we have created complete test systems, integrated inspection technologies, mechanics and software.

The advantages of our ultrasound phased array and eddy current array systems include:

- Accommodation for large weld wander
- Fast production line speed of up to 2m/s (400ft/min)
- Dedicated mechanics to inspect a diameter range of 15mm (0.6in) to 170mm (6.7in)
- Weld defect inspection
- Weld profilometry (scarf monitoring tool)
- Simultaneous sue of more than one inspection angle for quality control and 0 deg LW for coupling check and WT measurement
- Pipe diameter change over accommodated by software
- Networking capabilities for remote setup loading or data analysis by supervisor

     Tel: +44 1995 643077   Fax: +44 1995 643078
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