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New High-Frequency Welder Installed & Running in Record Time
Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporati
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporati, OH, United States
Attn: Ken Metzger

Perrysburg, Ohio, USA Team, Universal Controls Group and Universal Tube & Rollform, recently installed a new ERWTech high-frequency solid-state welder in less than one week from the time of purchase. Our machinery sales division, Universal Tube & Rollform, sold the in-stock UCG/ERWTech Welder, and Universals team got to work immediately to arrange the start-up making the rapid turn-around possible.The new welder was purchased by LP Tube Industries, in Arizona, to replace a welder on one of their tube mill lines. The new welder was loaded on a truck the day of purchase, and Universals team of engineers and field installers hit the road to meet it there. When the welder arrived, Universals team finished the install promptly and remained on-site until the tube mill line was running again.Universals team came through for us at LP Tube. From their engineering team, in-stock replacement parts, to around the clock technical support, Universal is a company we can depend on. Scot Edwards, LP Tube IndustriesUniversal handles U.S. sales and support for ERWTech machinery and carries in-stock high-frequency welders, cold saws, and standard replacement parts for customer inspection or immediate purchase. Contact Universal for more information about the machinery and services they offer.Universal Tube & Rollform EquipmentUniversal Controls Group26202 Glenwood Rd. Perrysburg, Ohio 43551 USA(419)

     Tel: 419-872-2364   Fax: 419-874-2825
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