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Metal forming Lubricant for Automotive Industry
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Company: Irmco, IL, United States
Attn: Brad Jeffery

Metal forming Lubricant Technology Lowers Automotive Operating and Steel Cost While Saving Fish

BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Ford, General Motors, Nissan, Honda, PPG and other OEM's and suppliers have given IRMCO high marks for meeting stringent metal forming, cleaning, painting, welding, assembly and environmental requirements with their IRMCO FLUIDS metal forming lubricant technology.

IRMCO FLUIDS invented by IRMCO Advanced Lubricant Technologies provide a high performance metalworking film designed to improve tool performance and reduce down-time and steel scrap in the most demanding metal forming operations. Because the technology is water based and oil free, the manufacturing area is clean and safe. Housekeeping is efficient because product removes from floors, clothing, and equipment with plain water. The thin and very forgiving film enhances the assembly process. Welding and other sensitive fastening operations can be performed without prior washing.

Steel consumption and cost is reduced significantly due to reduced steel scrap and the ability to use lower cost, lower quality steel, while still achieving high quality results. The high performance IRMCO FLUIDS coating allows steel to stretch and form beyond its conventional standards.

Because the product removes with plain water, part washing prior to paint pre-treatment is more efficient. Pre-treatment chemicals perform better and last longer between system clean outs. Washer disposal volume and operating costs are significantly reduced. Paint quality is improved and lubricant related paint rejects are eliminated. IRMCO FLUIDS do not contain oil or other constituents found on the SARA Title III Section 313 Toxic Chemical List. They are lower in aquatic toxicity than conventional oil or synthetic lubricants, and allow for a significant reduction in cleaning chemical volume, waste treatment costs, and liability.

IRMCO is a privately held Evanston, Illinois based advanced lubricant technology firm that specializes in the invention of metal forming, stamping, bending, and punching lubricants that improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce environmental cost and liability.

     Tel: 800-323-2933   Fax: 847-864-0012
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