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New High Performance Tube Bending Gel
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Company: Irmco, IL, United States
Attn: Brad Jeffery

IRMCO, the Advanced Lubricant Technology Company has invented a clean alternative to messy paste tube bending compounds. The product called IRMCO GEL has all of the metalworking characteristics of a traditional paste including excellent material adhesion, quality tool performance, and cost efficiency, while at the same time achieving the environmental and process advantages of a non-oil lubricant.

IRMCO GEL requires no mixing or agitation. It can be applied with an automated in-tool application system. Because IRMCO GEL has the viscosity of a paste, it stays where you put it. The clear, viscous material allows for accurate visual inspection. Housekeeping can benefit from lubricant being present only on the tooling and produced parts, not on the floor. IRMCO GEL is oil and pigment free, therefore tooling is cleaned easily with water.

IRMCO GEL is designed to provide a consistent film barrier on a variety of metals. An automotive exhaust system company has documented IRMCO GEL as performing exceptionally well in mandrel bending operations. Laboratory test results demonstrate that IRMCO GEL has formability characteristics equal to a traditional paste.

IRMCO GEL can be applied in a thin film and provides an improved surface condition for welding and assembly. Production studies using MIG, TIG, and resistance welding techniques have proven that a high quality weld can be achieved without prior washing. Weld repairs and re-work due to lubricant residue are reduced significantly.

IRMCO GEL removes with water. This unique feature dramatically improves the efficiency and effectiveness of a parts washing system prior to pre-treatment. With a plain water first stage or mild alkaline cleaner, pre-treatment chemicals perform better and last longer between system clean-outs. Washer disposal volume and cost are significantly reduced.

Parts cleaning is consistent, which results in improved paint quality and elimination of lubricant related paint rejects.

IRMCO GEL does not contain oil or other constituents found on the SARA Title III Section 313 Toxic Chemical List. It is lower in aquatic toxicity than conventional oil or synthetic lubricants. IRMCO GEL allows for a significant reduction in cleaning chemical volume, waste treatment costs, and liability.

     Tel: 847-864-0255   Fax: 847-864-0012
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