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data M founds Corporation in the US
data M Software GmbH
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Company: data M Software GmbH, Germany
Attn: Albert Sedlmaier

data M Software GmbH with headquarters south of Munich,
Germany, is expanding again after moving to their new and larger
facilities 2 years ago and has founded data M Corporation in the
US: 700 Commerce Drive, Suite 500, Oak Brook, IL 60523,
Phone: 630 288-3585, Fax: 630 762 9922, email:

data M Software GmbH is a market leader in the development of
CAD solutions. It specializes in software solutions for the rollforming and sheet metal bending industry, the well-known COPRA
Rollforming and COPRA MetalBender. data M Software GmbH
also produces machinery for quality control such as the COPRA
RollScanner. The COPRA LaserCheck is used as a sensor for in-line
measurement and for angle-profile and force detection in press

In terms of rollforming the American market has got a key position
worldwide. Therefore, data M Software of Germany has started the
data M Corporation in Wayne, Pennsylvania, early this year.

The key issues the new company focuses on are - according to Vice
President Mr Budi Francisco - to increase sales activities and to
offer competent technical support and advice on the spot to the US
American and South American customers. Synergy effects resulting
from data Ms presence in the American market will also be
beneficial for data Ms customers in other countries.

Mr Budi Francisco has previously been data M Softwares sales
director for South-East Asia and Asia/Pacific before taking up his
new post as data M Corporations Vice President.

     Tel: +49 8024 640-0   Fax: +49 8024 640-300
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