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Complete 3" (76mm) Abbey Etna Tube Mill Line For Sale
Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporati
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Company: Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporati, OH, United States
Attn: Sales

Inspect under power on site where currently installed.

Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation, a world-wide supplier of tube, pipe and roll form machinery has available for sale a complete 3" (76mm) Abbey Etna tube mill line. The line is currently installed in the United States and inspection can be made on site by appointment.

Universal Tube upgraded the line in early 2016 using new, used and rebuilt equipment. Re-work of the Abbey Etna 3X tube mill included all new bearings, seals, re-worked side closers in addition to some replacement spindles. Universal Controls Group manufactured and integrated into the line new AC drive motors and a new AC vector control system.

The entry section of this line includes a 5 ton capacity jib crane, 5 ton capacity Littell double uncoiler, Kent model R229-LE floop accumulator and lastly, a new in 2016, Kent model PMA-135 shear & end welder.

Universal Tube custom built a completely new weld section in 2016. The custom weld base was topped with a new 2-roll weld box and an EPU (seam guide). The weld base components were complete with a new double scarfing unit and automatic quick lift tool holders. Also installed new in 2016, was a 300 KW high frequency, solid state welder complete with heat exchanger.

This line concludes with a single cut Betaram cut-off and 30 runout table. A new U-TRAK length control system manufactured by Universal Controls Group, was retrofitted to the cutoff. The U-TRAK delivers a more accurate cut on the fly to increase line speed, reduce scrap, extend blade life and overall improves productivity.

Complete specifications along with photos and videos of this line running are available at Universal Tubes website under the HF/ERW tube mills category. To request a quote or schedule an appointment to inspect this line under power, please contact them at 1 (419) 872-2364 or Appointments to inspect are required and must be scheduled in advance.

     Tel: 419-872-2364   Fax: 419-874-2825
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