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Reconditioning Spindle Shafts Saves Money
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Company: Roll-Kraft, OH, United States
Attn: Sales

Roll-Kraft has provided its latest cost-saving recommendation. Purchasing new spindles for a tube & pipe mill or roll forming mill can be expensive. In order to save those costs, Roll-Kraft recommends reconditioning the spindles to extend their life by as much as ten times. Not only does reconditioning prolong the life of the spindle, but the cost savings is approximately 25% when the replacement would be 8620 carburized and hardened material, or 20% when the replacement would be 4140 pre-hardened material. This is a substantial savings in either case and fully avoidable by salvaging the existing spindle.

Tube and pipe and roll forming companies can determine the necessity of reconditioning spindles by making several observations:

Look for pitting, wear marks, and grooves caused by oil seals;

Check spindle diameters with a micrometer to ensure whether the spindle is within acceptable dimensional tolerances;

Use a dial indicator and a vee block to check each diameter for runout; spindle diameter and material thickness are important factors;

In addition to cost savings and longevity of the spindle, there are other benefits to applying hard chrome plating to spindles. A few points include:

The plating is extremely hard, measuring 68-72 on the Rockwell C scale;

There is additional protection against corrosion and wear in tough environments;

Excessive wear is prevented due to the porosity and high lubricity factors;

Specific areas can be reconditioned and other areas can be left untouched.

Using this approach can extend the life of the tube mill or roll former by many years and increase your company's productivity in the process. Other details on this and similar subjects are available in Profit Pointers provided on the Roll-Kraft website.

There are three locations for Roll-Kraft. The headquarters is located in Mentor, Oh., with other facilities in Frankfurt, IL., and Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. You may reach the headquarters office by calling 888-953-9400 or faxing 440-205-3110.

Roll-Kraft has 47 years of experience in the roll tooling field and continues to look for ways to strengthen and improve companies in the tube & pipe and roll forming industry. Any questions or inquiries can immediately be directed to Dr. Resolve on the company website, This feature provides a quick and informal contact with the company and results in a quick response, 24/7.

     Tel: 440-205-3100   Fax: 440-205-3110
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