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ESAB: New mig/mag semi-automatic Welding
ESAB Limited
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Company: ESAB Limited, United Kingdom
Attn: Cheron Robinson

The ESAB LKB 220/220S semi-automatic welding machine,
designed for light and medium duty industrial,
automotive and general applications, combines
versatility with low operating costs.

Excellent welding control is assured thanks to the
21-step voltage selector, the unit being suitable for
welding with solid filler wires of mild steel,
stainless steel, and aluminium, as well as with flux
cored wires, both with and without shielding gas.

The semi-automatic function of the LKB 220S offers
synergic control welding parameters are partially
set automatically by the machine, depending on
preselected wire size, material and voltage.

With an extremely wide welding range of 20A to 220A,
the three phase LKB220/220S power unit also features a
built-in wire feeder and potentiometers for setting
wire feed speed, spot welding and burnback time.

Additional control for the compact sturdy unit is
provided by the operator being able to select
soft-start speed (50% - 100% - 70% of the work speed).
All controls are situated on the front panel for ease
of operation.

An ESAB PSF 250 air-cooled torch completes the
package. The robust, high quality and well-balanced
torch is easy to operate, with the welding process
being initiated simply by pressing the torch switch
and terminated when the switch is released.

     Tel: 01992 659134   Fax: 01992 788053
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