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TCE (trichloroethylene) replacement
John Neale Ltd
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Company: John Neale Ltd, United Kingdom
Attn: John Neale

John Neale Ltd has successfully developed 2 non-VOC solvents to replace TCE in large industrial degrease tanks. Working with 2 prestidgeous tube manufacturers in the UK John Neale Ltd have created a novel process for replacing TCE.

Solvent 702 and TMA effectively degreased stainless and nickle alloy tube which had been drawn with highly viscous chlorinated lubricants and coatings. When operated at 60-80DegC the bore of even very fine tube was effectively degreased. Dwell times were no longer than TCE and sometimes significantly shorter.

Solvent 702 and TMA have additional benefits of being non-hazardous, and non-volatile.

After significant research and developement an effective means of recycling these solvents was found. To replace the current method of distillation used with TCE. Pilot trials at the 2 UK sites proved that the process is capable.

This approach to TCE replacement has significantly less capital cost compared to systems which contain TCE losses through hermetically sealing the degrease system. It is also far more effective than water based cleaning systems which have been found to have limited ability to degrease tubes drawn with viscous chlorinated lubricants.

John Neale Ltd has developed a new high sepcification lubricant ST4000P which gives significantly better performance than the Richards Apex TD-T200 /T230, and Hangsterfers Aldraw JH9402 and has been designed to be easily removed by Solvent TMA giving an effective lubricant / solvent combination.

John Neale Ltd is now working with stainless steel tube drawing companies in the USA from Washington State to Pennsylvania to enable them to replace TCE with an effective, safe, non-VOC solvent.

     Tel: +44 (0) 121 585 8793   Fax: +44 (0) 121 585 8793
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