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Th. Wortelboer BV introduces the revoluttionairy ABM-6
Th. Wortelboer B.V.
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Company: Th. Wortelboer B.V., Netherlands
Attn: Mr. N. Wortelboer / Mr. V. Dodemont

Cutting and beveling at the same time? The answer comes from Th. Wortelboer BV in the Netherlands, with the revolutionary ABM-6 cutting machine for thick wall pipes. The worldwide introduction takes place several weeks later at the exhibition Tube 2006 in Germany.

This brand new machine has a very short machining time compared with a conventional band saw or disc saw. The ABM-6 is up to 20 times faster. Not only the machining time is much shorter, also the handling of the material will be reduced dramatically because cutting and beveling is done in one go. This gives an enormous time profit.

The variable feed of the cutting and beveling tools, as well as the variable speed/rpm of the tool head, make it possible to machine almost any material such as steel, super duplex, hasteloy and stainless steel. During the automatic cycle both pipe ends are machined simultaneous. Cutting only, without beveling, is off course possible.

The material is firmly clamped in a two prism clamps, on the left and right side of the tool head. The clamping reach is 1 tot 6. The maximum wall thickness goes up to 25 mm. (30 mm I.D.).

The ABM-6 cutting machine can be supplied with a number of options such as in height adjustable roller benches, electric driven clamps or automated tube feed.

Please visit our website for more information about pipe end preparation.

     Tel: +31-24-358 65 14   Fax: +31-24-358 70 79
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