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Automatic stacking of tubes and sections
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Company: RSA, Germany
Attn: Sales dept

Even today the controlled stacking of tubes and sections in containers is often done manually or by using inefficient robot systems. This is especially valid, if container sizes are to be used to their optimum or customers require a specific stacking pattern.

In order to use this cost reducing potential RSA has developed a new mobile robot. An important feature of the RASAPORT PR is the flexibility with which this module can be adjusted to different container sizes.

The RASAPORT PR, designed as a well-proven module system, can be interlinked with any machine and therefore be integrated into existing production lines. The movement in three directions is fast enough to not decrease the yield of previous machines. The containers can be chosen freely. The control system calculates the optimum filling quantity by means of the workpiece data and container dimensions. Also layers and quantity can be entered.

Developed stacking appearances are memorized and can be retrieved upon request for further orders. A quick changing system, which makes it possible to change the gripper with only a few manual movements, keeps the ancillary times low.

The RASAPORT PR is designed for two loading units so the stacking process need not be interrupted during a container change. A variant with three stations - feeding of empty container, loading the container, withdrawing the filled container - is also available. The transport of the container is carried out automatically.

     Tel: +49 (0)2351 995-5   Fax: +49 (0)2351 995-300
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