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Software to Store MiiC Data on Windows Networks
Advanced Tubular Technologies
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Company: Advanced Tubular Technologies, MI, United States
Attn: John Esralian

July 29, 2004

Advanced Tubular Technologies Releases Software for Storage of MiiC Data on Windows Computers and Networks

Advanced Tubular Technologies, Inc., a software development company for the tube fabrication industry, recently released new versions of Benderlink for MiiC software designed to allow data to be transferred to and from MiiC benders.

The Standard version of the Benderlink for MiiC software allows for transfer of data between Axila and Romer type measuring centers at a more economical price.

The Professional version includes all the features of the Standard version plus the ability to transfer and store Benderlink for MiiC data files on any Windows computer hard drive or network.

"Customers have been asking us for a way to replace their old tape drives on the MiiC controls. Because the Professional version allows data to be stored in data files on a standard Windows computer or network, the tape drives no longer have to be used for storage", according to Michael Cone, President of Advanced Tubular Technologies. The Professional version also allows for MiiC data entry at any Windows computer.

The software uses the MiiC BSC protocol. For the past few months, Advanced Tubular developers have been able to test the MiiC BSC protocol using an actual MiiC operator station that was loaned to Advanced Tubular by MiiC for testing. Transfers are fast and according to Advanced Tubular tests, the BSC protocol is very robust.

Advanced Tubular Technologies is a software development company that has specialized in producing software and communications solutions for tube fabricators since 1983.

     Tel: 248 674-2059   Fax: 248 674-2157
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