TubeNet Registrations and Banner Advertising

TubeNet is the Site for Tube and Pipe Industries. Due to the dedication for this clearly defined marketing segment, this site attracts only people who really has interest in this industry. As you know, the smaller the segmet - the better it will serve the target group of customers.

It is also important to notice that TubeNet has no huge overhead that is typical to all other Tube industry related media. We are not printing magazines nor sending them around the world because those costs needs to be covered anyway. In this way the fees can be kept in a very low level. Yearly Registration costs EUR 295,- and Banner Adverts are less than Euro 995,-. Not bad if considered the number of people who visits at TubeNet.

There are three servers available and increasing traffic has exceed 29 Million Visitors already made by over 200.000 visitors per month. If converting that to "hits" that so often are stated at Internet, it means probably 10 to 30 times bigger number. Anyhow, I don't want to go too technical - just to say that, now there are lots of people who visits TubeNet.

Normally Tube People have found TubeNet through search engine or it has been referred by someone who already knows TubeNet. Typically visitors are looking for tube and pipe material, machinery or answers for their questions. By joining TubeNet and keeping your registrations valid, all these people can find you.

By the way, this is 20:th year now when TubeNet has been on-line and hundreds of deals have been made based on TubeNet leads. Unlike so many Internet based trials, TubeNet has strong position and it is profitable. Not big money but something. All thanks to you - Tube Industry. Because of that there are no such a thing like big loans or speculations that usually are so common with Internet based companies. After all, TubeNet started as a hobby and is still my dearest hobby.

TubeNet Registrations

There are two registers available. One for Manufacturers and Distributors of Machinery being used for producing tubes and fabricating them. Separate regisiter is for Tube, Pipe and Fitting producers and suppliers. Both registers have been classified to separate categories for making search easier.

In order to get registered, please select one of the following registration form:

Manufacturers and Distributors of Machinery Register

Tube, Pipe and Fitting producers and suppliers Register

The registration includes "TubeNet emailing system". It has turned out to be a powerful tool because people are too fed up for waiting on the phone and sending faxes. TubeNet emailing system brings the inquiry at once and it has clear headlines so that the receivers will notice immediately that it is coming from TubeNet and thus, worth of reading carefully.

Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising gives you a possibility to introduce your corporation and products on TubeNet and eventually get potential customers clicking to the banner and re-directed to your own website.

Until now the most popular locations for the Banner Ads have been:

  • TubeNet Main Page
  • Main Index page for Manufacturer's Register
  • Main Index page for Tube Producers and Suppliers Register
  • Individual categories on both above mentioned large registers

In case your company don't have existing banner, that is not a problem. The matter is easier than you may think of and we can easily make one for you. Below, please take a look at some banners that are currently or have been have been on-line earlier.

For Banner Advertising matters, feel free to ask for more details by email from

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