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AXXAIR: orbital cutting and welding made easy

Orbital cutting, orbital welding, pneumatic motors : Portable "multi-site" equipment

During 3 important exhibitions in March and April (Industries 2000 in France, TUBE 2000 in Germany and Welding and Metal Fabrication 2000 in the United Kingdom) Axxair proved its reputation as the international specialist in portable equipment for all types of site by revealing 3 new and exciting products:

  • The TEA 15 from the TEA turbine motor range : high-speed (up to 100 000 RPM) and powerful, not only is it the lightest turbine on the market ( pen-shaped, 40g), but it also gives you an unrivalled manageability.
  • The CS120, the first cutting and welding machine in one.
  • The CC80, the latest arrival in the AXXAIR cutting machine range.

AXXAIR, created in 1997, has its range of orbital tube cutting machines to thank for the company's rapid expansion. This range of machines (which cut from 5 to 620mm) has made AXXAIR the leader in its field in the world-wide market. From the very beginning, the company has concentrated its efforts in the research and development of its machines. It is for this reason that Axxair has gone from strength to strength in its two and a half years of existence.

Precision tools which are easy to handle

Orbital cutting, orbital welding, pneumatic motors : in these three key specialist areas, AXXAIR's technical aims are to blend speed and efficiency whilst ensuring a wide range of uses for all of their products. All the models that were presented during the exhibitions in March and April have got the following characteristics in common:

  • A lightweight and compact design, as well as being easy to handle in the workshop or on site.
  • The principle on which the machines work is simple which in turn means maximum reliability
  • An unrivalled adaptability which means that each model has a large range of uses

Orbital cutting : CC machines - simple yet innovative

These quick tube cutting machines form the basis of AXXAIR's specialist knowledge. They are in turn based on the following concepts:

  • Compactness
  • Lightness
  • Ergonomics

For perpendicular, burr-free cutting in 1 to 15 seconds, AXXAIR offers the largest range of orbital cutting machines on the market ( from 5 to 620mm in diameter).

AXXAIR CC machines are:

  • Portable and perfect for use on site as well as in the workshop: their total weight varies from 13 to 200kg.
  • Easy to set up thanks to their adjustable plate

Other characteristics

  • An exclusive clamping system using concentric jaws. With this system you can forget the old problems of deforming tubes. It also allows a wide cutting range for each CC machine. For example, the CC170 cuts from 16 to 170mm in diameter.
  • An interchangeable motor (electric or pneumatic) depending on the type of work that you want to undertake.
  • Their simple make-up guarantees quality, reliability and a short lead-time.
  • For a even easier cutting, certain models come with a lever or an electric control panel.

The stainless steel specialists

The machines from the CC range are particularly well known and liked in the field of piping and boilermaking. However they are also considered to be an important part of food processing, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and water treating industries.

Orbital cutting and welding

Two machines in one, a revolution in practicality, the CS range:

AXXAIR quick tube cutting machines are widely used in the preparation of tubes for welding purposes. It is for this reason that AXXAIR decided to associate these two functions in order to put them into one machine. Hence the CS120; a cutting and welding machine in one - the only one of its type in the world.

In the final stages of the making of the CS120 AXXAIR was confronted with two unusual problems: the adaptation of a welding head onto a cutting machine, in particular the mounting of the head onto a tracking device; and the necessity of a well adapted power source which is indispensable for the welding quality of a when carried out on an orbital system.

This is why the company sought the expertise of a specialist in this field - the SAF's ( Soudure Autogene Francaise) "Air Liquide" division which has a renowned experience in generating electrical currents. The two companies form a winning partnership as far as the CS range is concerned.

Started in August 1999, the development of the CS120 was finished within 4 months: last November, AXXAIR began its first tests on the prototype.

The main advantage of the CS120 is that it reduces considerably the time spent on the preparation of tubes before welding. Not only does the machine allow you to cut and weld a large range of diameters, but you no longer need to use the traditionally used welding clips.

The CS120 has been especially designed for welding thin tubes. However, AXXAIR is presently looking into the way of putting a welding wire holder onto the plate of the future CS machines in order to weld thicker tubes.

TEA turbine motors: high-speed and power in one

Since its creation, AXXAIR has been developing its skills in the field of pneumatic motors. The type of machines that the company makes need motors that are specially adapted for orbital cutting.

Since July 1999, AXXAIR has been making pneumatic motors which are specifically adapted for work on site: the MO range consists of 3 sorts of rotor blade motors which are robust and powerful.

Last autumn, the company started developing a range of turbine motors. They made an ambitious bet: offer a lot more power than other motors all in keeping with the AXXAIR theme of compactness. The bet has paid off.

100 000 RPM packed into 40g

The first model of the AXXAIR turbine (TEA) range was presented last month at the exhibitions in France, Germany and England. It was a great success. The TEA 15 reaches speeds of up to 100 000 RPM. All that speed is packed into just 40g - 40g which is in the shape and size of a pen. The most obvious use of the TEA 15 is de-burring: Apart from its rotating speed, its precision and its manageability, the motor has the advantage of blowing the chips away from the motor.

The other models in the TEA range

  • The TEA 25 and 35, equivalent to pneumatic rotor blade motors for grinders, are adapted for applications such as removing rivets from sheet metal.
  • The TEA CN is specially designed for small and high-speed machining and can be adapted onto all sorts of manufacturing machines.
  • The TEA 135 is a turbine mounted onto a motor with a reduced gear box - of which there are very few available on the market - and is designed for traditional machining and motorization.

NB: AXXAIR envisages developing a range of accessories which correspond with the TEA 15, 25 and 35. For example, an accessory which would allow you to bevel sheet metal.

Turbine technology

In spite of its numerous advantages, turbine technology is hardly represented in the motorization of industrial materials.

Turbine motors result in a large flexibility in the machining of materials; their high speed and power means that they can be used on wood, metal and plastic with the same efficiency.

Turbine motors are not affected by the problem of wear and tear like pneumatic rotor blade systems ( rubbing, sensitiveness to damp air) and need hardly any upkeep.

Besides these advantages, the AXXAIR TEA motors are compact, which in turn means that they have a better manageability and need less upkeep.

AXXAIR, a brief history

In 1997: Frederic Legrand, mechanic and engineer working in the automobile industry envisages creating his own company. He likes the idea of a quick tube cutting machine which he decides to develop and diffuse. At the end of that same year he creates the company AXXAIR, in Etoile, just a few minutes away from Valence (Drome).

In 1998: The first model of the AXXAIR tube cutting machines, the CC120, is launched. Having set up a stand at the exhibition Schweiβen und Schneiden allows him to quickly find distributors firstly in Germany, then in other countries ( Japan, United Arab Emirates). From July onwards, AXXAIR launches two other models, the CC220 and the CC320. At the end of the year AXXAIR has 4 employees, with over 60% of its turnover being made in exports.

In 1999: AXXAIR continues to enrich its range of quick tube cutting machines and also has some special orders from customers. Its turnover sees a progression of 80%, with its biggest markets being in Germany, France and northern European countries. It is at this moment that AXXAIR decides to develop its activity in new countries such as Spain, Italy, the USA and Brazil.

Today: AXXAIR employs 8 people and has a projected turnover of 60% progression in 2000. The launching of the range of turbine motors should mean a development of its activity in France. The setting up of Iso 9001 is well underway in the company and it should have the certificate by the end of the year.

Further information can be obtained from:

- Tel: 0033 4 75 57 50 70
- Fax: 0033 4 75 57 50 80
- WWW:
- Email.
- Contact: Rozen LEGRAND

An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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