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Tubular Steel Framing System

Tubular Steel Building Systems of S.C., LLC (TSBS) announces the introduction of its new framing system for the construction industry using a patented connection system and rectangular steel tube. Major product lines include steel framing for residential and commercial construction, framing kits for garage/carport/utility buildings, kit homes, and pre-fabricated steel trusses for roofs and floors.

The Mt. Pleasant location services the East Coast with particular emphasis on the SC/NC/GA markets. Using the VersaTube Building System, TSBS and its sister companies have facilities in Memphis, TN and Phoenix, AZ.

Utilizing the patented VersaTube Building System, all types of buildings and structures can be framed more quickly and efficiently. The system utilizes steel tubing instead of c-channel or other light gauge steel members to achieve exceptional strength relative to other framing materials, both wood and steel.

TSBS also designs, fabricates and provides engineering for roof and floor truss components separately from its wall framing system for any type of structure with its modeling and structural software system.

The Tubular Steel system uses an innovative roll reduction technique (covered under a separate pending patent) to achieve simple, quick and efficient connection of all framing members. Framing members and truss components are pre-engineered for simple, fast installation. The result of these two innovations is a framing system that is stronger, quicker, and more environmentally compatible than other framing methods at a competitive price.

The strength and speed of installation make the system advantageous for custom designs, especially in high wind or seismic areas. Due to its manufacturing basis, the system is especially cost-effective in the framing of repeated design or multi-unit structures such as tract housing, motels, multi-family, mini-storage and office buildings. Reduction or elimination of termite damage and fire risk associated with framing members is an additional advantage.

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An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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