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Laser Speedfly 5 - Flying LASER Cut-off Machine

Our machinery, developed in co-operation with Trumpf, offers many important advantages :

  • it is very fast
  • it is easy to use
  • it is safe for operator
  • it is reliable
  • it is very flexible

It is a five controlled axis machine.
It's a CO2 Laser type Device (TRUMPF).
It is a four fully controlled axis cutting system plus a head with capacitive sensor to ensure a perfect cutting quality.
Cooling system is also provided together with the machine.
We can also supply , when special executions are needed , special linear electric motors DIRECT DRIVE type.

Of course the complete cutting system has been installed on a very strong frame so to avoid any kind of installation or vibrations problems when in use.

The machinery is fully automatic 32-bit CNC , no manual regulation is needed, all data of the system are under control anytime. In this way we enhance : cutting quality , safety and manufacturing efficiency .

If required , our TSS (tele supervision system) can control the perfect working operation of the machine by a remote location .) TSS support Web management tools.

System efficiency advantage

No need of tooling operations , no need of maintenance for adjusting or cleaning..

Cutting quality advantage

No cutting shavings. Always perpendicular cut to tube axis

Easy operation advantage

It's a fully automatic system! You will cut with no regulation needs.

Flexibility advantage

You will cut any section shape tubes:

  • circular shapes
  • square shapes
  • rectangular shapes
  • different shapes
  • carbon steel tubes
  • stainless steel tubes

Productivity advantage

You can cut, for example, a stainless steel tube with a diameter of 70mm and a thickness of 2 mm in 2.98 sec (cutting + piercing)


All is integrated in a mechanical structure, with rigid design to minimizing vibration during head rotation.

Tube Tech Machinery puts its skills in this field at your service. Since 1950 we worked as sub-contractors of big steel plant makers so, nowadays, we can directly offer our terrific know how at your service to re-new obsolete manufacturing lines or to literally set up new working stations in your plant.

To meet your needs we developed the following kind of machinery :

  • Tube straightening equipment,
  • Sleeve screwers,
  • Facing and Chamfering machines,
  • Flying LASER cut off machines ,
  • Threading machines,
  • Packaging machines for tubes,
  • Quality control systems

For further information or a demo-version please contact:

Tube Tech Machinery
- Addr: Via Bonfadina, 33 25046 - CAZZAGO SM (Brescia) , Italy
- Tel: 0039-030-725057
- Fax: 0039-030-725057
- WWW:
- Email.
- Contact: Zaglio Francesco

An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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