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Pedrazzoli Orbiter 18IMS 5-axis CNC Bender

Pedrazzoli IBP Spa is currently promoting the redesigned and improved version of the Orbiter 18 IMS tube bender for tubes from OD 4 to OD 18 mm in copper and aluminium.

Machine design ensures ORBITER 18 IMS can produce spatially complex bend configurations in one work cycle. Orbiter 18 IMS takes tube from coil and after straightening it, performs end-forming, bending and cutting operations and brings tube to unloading position. A sophisticated laser system checks that each piece has been made correctly, thus ensuring that Orbiter can work as an unmanned work island. The 5 controlled axis driven by brushless motors make Orbiter extremely fast in all operations, including swarfless cutting by means of rotating knives. Advanced mechanical and software solutions offer hourly production rates which are considerably higher than those of any other compression bender present on market today. Machine's speed and versatility, combined with an extremely competitive price, make the Orbiter 18 IMS very popular with air conditioning industries and producers of refrigeration, water heating boilers and gas appliances.

A radical innovation on OR18IMS is the new generation of Pedrazzoli's proprietary IMS software, now running on Windows 2000 platform. The IMS touch screen is extremely user-friendly, programming is so intuitive that even an untrained operator can learn to use it in next to no time; software now allows operator to manage complex machine functions in a very simple way, including real time simulation of each of machine's function.

Off-line programming both on machine and in office and Ethernet connection possibility ensure that the ORBITER 18IMS, like all Pedrazzoli machine tools, comprises all the latest technology.

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Pedrazzoli IBP SPA
Addr: Viale Pecori Giraldi, 51-53, 36061 BASSANO DEL GRAPPA (VI) - ITALY
Tel. +39 0424 509011
Attn. Ms. Carmen Lo Castro

An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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