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New- MCL102 High Productivity Automatic Cutting Line

PEDRAZZOLI IBP SpA has introduced on the market an innovative cutting line to satisfy the ever growing requirements of complete automation.

Pedrazzoli Machines

The MCL102 cutting line features a highly sophisticated control system based on PC which is a the same time very easy to use with intuitive understanding of its many functions. The screen is state of the art non-reflective active matrix and software is totally developed in-house at Pedrazzoli. This allows us to personalise and update the system continually and forward the improvements to end-user. The Pentium processor PC which controls the machine has a complete and very precise troubleshooting function which makes MCL102 cutting line even more reliable with a surpassingly high percentage of work time and production rate.

The operator has to set a very limited number of parameters such as dimensions of pieces to be cut, their shape and type and kind of tool being used the machine will do the rest by calculating and setting all other variable involved in cutting process. Operating unit will determine the starting and finishing position, advancement and rotation speed, while cutting lengths are controlled by means of magnetic strips feature which is only generally found on the more complex machining centres.

MCL102 can be connected to all the optional accessories which Pedrazzoli has been supplying for years on all its cutting lines such as deburring machines, cleaning systems and stacking units which transform the cutting machine into a proper complete work unit.

With our MCL102 we can offer the market a TOP quality, highly reliable machine which represents our latest technological offering. Readers can request further details from

Pedrazzoli IBP SPA
Addr: Viale Pecori Giraldi, 51-53, 36061 BASSANO DEL GRAPPA (VI) - ITALY
Tel. +39-0424-509041
Attn. Ms. Carmen Lo Castro

An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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