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New developments in on-line weld seam re-coating by arc spray

OSU Maschinenbau GmbH is a developer and manufacturer of thermal spray equipment since 1949. Since 1952 we are developing and manufacturing arc spray equipment. Already since the middle of the fifties, our equipment is used in the production of tubes.

Due to the fact that quality had to be increased and rejected parts had to be minimised, we where asked to improve the performance from the protecting zinc and aluminium coating.. This together with the demands from the maintenance department for low maintenance frequency and easy adjustment we started developing a new arc spray equipment.

After a test period with several leading manufacturers around the world, we are happy to introduce to you our new arc spray equipment's for the tube manufacturer.

Our TUBE 300 arc spray equipment is characterised by the following highlights:

  • Easy maintenance, Fine surface structure, Easy adjustable nozzle system, Fine spray particles, No wire drive parts in the dusty spray surrounding, Small particle size range, Long life contact tubes, Shorter spray distance possible, Higher spray efficiency, Low wear part consume, Compressed spray beam, Starting and stopping the spray process possible in cycles below 3 seconds, No "spitting", No welding of the wires in the contact tubes.
  • Compared to the, very often still used, flame spray systems, the arc spray process has the following big advantages.
  • No ignition problems from the flame.
  • No problems in gas bottle changing, or freezing reducerss
  • Energy costs down to 5 % compared to flame spray.

The equipment's have proved themselves in both improving coating quality as well as reliability and low maintenance costs.

Equipment characteristics:

  • Tube 3000
  • Standard cable length between power source and wire feed unit
  • 4 mtr, optional longer or shorter
  • Standard cable length between wire feed unit and spray device
  • 1,5 mtr, optional longer or shorter
  • Wire diameter 2,5 mm (optional 1,6 mm)
  • Coating types Zn, Al, and their alloys..
  • Capacity_Max 300 Amp at 100% Duty Cycle
  • Line speed maximum 160 M/Min with coating thickness 30 micron

Spray capacity:

  • 30 kg Zn per hour OSU 001
  • 9 kg Al per hour OSU 004
  • 24 kg ZnAl per hour OSU 002

Further information can be obtained from:

OSU Maschinenbau GmbH
- Addr: Weseler Strasse 1147169 Duisburgg, Germany
- Tel: +49 203 544110
- Fax: +49 203 5441128
- WWW: Http:/
- Email.
- Contact: Mr Jose Pinto

An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article
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