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Stock order scheduling makes savings for customers

T-DRILL Industries Inc. is pleased to announce that current sales volume of its flanging equipment allow us to pass savings on to our customers through September 1999. The flanging machines are capable of producing standard and large radius (lined pipe) lap type flanges, couplings ("bell ends"), and flare connections on up to schedule 40 pipe (and some schedule 80) from 1/2" IPS to 16" IPS.

T-DRILL Flanging Machine
F-400 Flanging Machine
Loose flanges
Loose flanges ready for bolting

During this period, we are scheduling stock orders (multiple machines), which allow us to temporarily (through September) offer reduced prices on equipment that is usually built to order. If you can take advantage of this opportunity, you can save 15% on the model F-200 (8" capacity) and 25% on the F-400 (16" capacity) depending on tooling.

These machines are the workhorses of the lined pipe, maritime and contracting industry, operating in high volume production environments for over 20 years.

Let T-DRILL help you with your manufacturing process. You can reach John Hodges at 1-800-554-2730, extension 218 or e-mail at He will be glad to discuss your application with you and help you determine what equipment best suits your particular needs.

T-DRILL is a leader in tube and pipe fabrication equipment

  • Mechanically formed tee connections
  • Tube cut-off equipment
  • Tube and pipe end forming
  • Manifold production systems

T-DRILL has sales representation and service/technical support throughout the world, supported from three international facilities, Laihia and Isokyrö, Finland and Norcross, Georgia USA.

T-DRILL Laihia, Finland
Laiha, Finland
T-DRILL Isokyrö, Finland
Isokyrö, Finland
T-DRILL Industries Inc, Norcross, USA
Norcross, Georgia, USA

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An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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