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ITP Announce New Manipulated Tube / Hose / Wire Inspection Software

ITP's tube inspection software, now for the first time offers combined geometric and manipulated tube measurement against CAD.

The software can import CAD data files and allow the user to easily extract the tube intersection and bracket data, without the requirement of an external CAD system. The extracted tube data can then be passed to a tube measurement definition as nominal data. As in previous versions if no CAD data is available, the nominal data can be entered from the keyboard,

When the nominal data has been entered, the system will generate a 3D graphic display of the tube and brackets, even if no CAD is available. The nominal data can be entered in tubeline, carline, aircraftline or even tube bender coordinates PULL/ROTATE/BEND. The software will also allow measurement of prototype pipes where no nominal data is available. For fixture makers the software can also convert the data from carline to tubeline and for design purposes rotate the tube data into a 'flat' orientation.

During measurement the operator will be prompted to measure the end points, straights and brackets of the tube. Once completed the results can be displayed with respect to the best fit on all intersection points or to a fixed fit on the first straight or any combination in between including bracket positions. The results can be displayed as a text or graphical report and the corrections can be downloaded back to the bender.

The report contains XYZ/Pull-Rotate-Bend corrections, tolerance deviations, intersection miss-by values, total length of nominal & measured tube, end to end length of nominal & measured tube, total bend & total rotate.

Where extra inspection is required, the inspection can continue and measure manifolds, end-fittings etc with respect to pipe datum or another datum with the results displayed on the same report.

Previous versions of the software are already in use by ITP's customers in the automotive and aerospace sectors. These customers benefit from the accuracy available from the system. One automotive supplier is achieving a 2mm overall tolerance, over a 1.5m, 18 straight tube and aerospace suppliers are attaining a 0.5mm overall tolerance where required.

With no modification, the system can also be used for geometric inspection of fixtures, fabrications and tooling.

The new software is available on ITP's bridge, horizontal arm or 5-axis flexible systems and it can be retrofitted to most coordinate measuring machines.

For further information please contact:

Addr: ITP Group Butlers Leap Rugby CV21 3RQ , UK
Tel: (+44) 1788 570357
Fax: (+44) 1788 567991
Attn: Mike Haville

An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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