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International Tube Machinery AB develops a new inline washing system.

Over a period of time we have been receiving inquieries for an inline washing system. Therefore, a natural step for us to take is to develop such a system as a complement to the off line washing system we have been marketing for several years.

As always we will be working only with aqueous solutions as washing agent and the basic tecnique as in our patented system will be maintained, large amounts of water flushed at the surface at a medium pressure. The disadvantage of an inline system is of course that only the OD can be washed, the off line method allows also the ID to be cleaned. Furthermore the achieved washing results is in most cases better with an off line system.

Nevertheless, to be able to wash in line is to prefer when floorspace is critical and the criterias allows it. Since the process time becomes very short the contaminant canīt be too heavy otherwise it is not possible. Every case has to be thoroughly examined and trials carried out.

If the process following the washing is for example some kind of coating the washing will also have to include a rinsing stage, to rinse off the residues of the alkaline detergent. The rinsing stage is no different from the washing stage apart from the length wich is about half.

At the exit end of each stage air wipers blow off the water still might be on the tube to secure dryness before entering the next process.

The overall dimensions for an inline washing system is in length 4-7 meters depending on speed and condition of the tubes, the width approx 1,5 meters and the height 500 mm above the working height of the tube.

Contact us for more detailed information and a discussion of what method of tube cleaning is to prefer in your particular case.

For further information please contact:

International Tube Machinery AB
Addr: Box 248, SE-532 23 Skara, Sweden
Contact: Mr. Martin Miles
Tel. +46-511-164 00
Fax. +46-511-178 75

An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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