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Continuous Chromium Plated Tubes and bars

Galtec that has been well known on the international market since 1993 as manufacturer of chromium plating plants is now pleased to inform you that from January 2000 has started a new business concerning the home production of HARD CHROMIUM PLATED STEEL TUBES AND BARS, chromed by means of a patented continuos process.

At the present the available dimensions are diameters from 8 to 160 mm. However the complete production programme, that will be ready within April/May 2001, included also a range of intermediate diameters going from 25 to 100 mm and the chromium plating of tubes and bars with big dimensions from 150 to 500 mm.

Chromium plated overlays are done in accordance to the international standards and customers specifications.

Thanks to our own special chromium plating process, Galtec can guarantee a product with an high and constant quality.

On request Galtec can chrome also standard or special tubes or bars supplied by customers with a maximum length of 18 meters, for example mandrels for rolling mills or

Galtec stays at your complete disposal for all information you may require on production and facilities and trusting to enter into business relations with you we remain

For further information please contact:

Addr: Via Aristotele, 2 20047 - BRUGHERIO (Milan) ITALY, Italy
Contact: Mr. Claudio Pallavicini
Fax. +39-372-566983

An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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