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Flux-free brazing now used for car manufacturer´s latest line.

Wolf & Partner GmbH in Berlin, Germany has recently delivered a fully-automated local flux-free electric brazing machine to a major german automobile manufacturer. Due to the large volume of pieces needed to be manufactured, about one million per year, Wolf & Partner GmbH developed, designed, and built a machine which sorts, places, and locally brazes steel tubes to steel ring pieces without flux. Local electric resistance heating under protective gas allows fast and high quality reproduction which is further optimized with the machine´s automatic quality control and wire feed systems.

W&P brazing machines, which save considerable money, energy, and time compared to furnace and hand operations, are made specially to the customers needs. From smaller, manual brazing stations to full-automated machines, all planning, development, and construction is done by us in-house. In addition to the automobile industry, Wolf & Partner GmbH solves the brazing problems of the heating/cooling industries, manufacturers of drill bits and shapers, and other industries concerned with strength and quality of joining. , Sales. E-mail: Berlin, Germany For more information please visit

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Wolf & Partner GmbH
Attn: David Gabbert
Addr: Rudower Chaussee 29 , 12489 Berlin, Germany
Tel: (++49) 30 6392 6114
Fax: (++49) 30 6392 6350

An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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