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Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades New Tooth Design System Insco Notch Grind Tooth Geometry

There are currently many different tooth designs being perfected which will ultimately provide sawing operations with much higher productivity. The new Notch design tooth form has achieved increases as high as 300% in tool life and between 30% and 60% in productivity.

Until recently, the performance limitation of any cutting tool resulted in the material from which it was made. The new notch design tooth form was developed as a direct result of the need to extend tool life beyond this limitation, by advancing cutting tooth geometry. The proper cobalt high speed steel, hardened and tempered to maximize wear resistance must be used. These sawblades are then ground with the axially offset Notch design tooth form and coated with titanium nitrate. Many tests have been run and documented to show the results of this new technology. In one particular application, 1018 carbon steel tubing (1-1/4” dia. x .065” wall thickness) was being cut on a fully-automatic Bewo Saw system. The results were quite impressive when compared to “conventional” cold sawing with M2 HSS sawblades:

3,000-5,000pcs cut per Sharpening vs. 15,000-17,000pcs cut per Sharpening

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An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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