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Tube cleaning systems from Borg Cheminova

Simrun Tube Cleaning System

The system can be used to clean inside surfaces of tubes ranging from 2mm ID to 50mm ID. It can be used to remove loosely adhered contaminations.

Description of the system

The system is quite simple, safe, cost effective and easy to use. It consists of firing especially designed High Density Flexible Foam Plugs (25% higher diameter than tube ID) along the tubing with the help of launcher & compressed air (5-7 Kg/cms2 pressure). The system contains components like Foam Plugs Launching Machine, Adapters & H.D.Flexible Foam Plugs.

Areas of applications of the system in Industries for cleaning :

  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Tubing.
  • Condenser Tubes in Thermal Power Plant.
  • Evaporator and Heat Exchangers Tubes.
  • Smoke Tube Steam Boiler Tubes during maintenance.
  • Chemicals Process Pipe Lines, Food and Beverage Product Lines.
  • Cleaning of Fuel injection Lines, Brake Lines, prior to Assembly, after Servicing of Components.
  • Earth Moving Equipment's tubing, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Lines.
  • Automobile & Aviation.

Special Features

  • Cleans all types of Pipes, Tubes & Hoses.
  • Fast operation, saves lot of time.
  • Safe to Health & Eco-friendly. Avoids use of hazardous solvents.
  • Clean plug coming out is a positive indication of cleanliness achieved.

Further information can be obtained from:

Borg Cheminova Pvt.Ltd.
- Addr: 8-Jamasji Apartments, 32-Sleater Road, Grant Road(West), Mumbai 400 007, India
- Attn:Dr.H.V.Borgaonkar(director), Manubhai D.Darji(Director)
- Tel. +91 22 3862769
- Fax. +91 22 3862769, +91 22 3804859
- Email.

An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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