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PE-ST-PE composite press pipe

GuoBao PE-ST-PE composition pipes are produced in the following way, the steel sheet is punched first, then bent and welded, after the forming of the pipe, it is coated with plastic on the inner and outer walls. Finally, the GuoBao PE pipe or PP-R pipe with the punched steel as the framework is made and ready, it has the hardness of the steel and the adhesion of the plastic, so it is the feather of corrosion resistance, non-calculus, good flow and heat preservation, pressure _Cresistance and long life. It is used widely in oil fields, chemical industry, water supply, water drain, telecommunication and fire control.

GuoBao PE-ST-PE composition pipe production line comes into being after we analyzed the advantage and dis-advantage of other pipes aboard and made a plenty of actual experiments. The line conquers the depart between steel and plastic completely because of the special __One-step__ forming way used, at the same time it has some other merits, such as full automation control and non-bits cutting method, upon all the above, it is stated by the experts to reach up to international advanced level.

We offer the advanced equipment with the stable function and the considerate after-sale service.

We will send our technicians to install and debug you wherever you are, now there are detailed material for you, if you have interest in the production line, please tell us , we shall be glad to hurry to answer your inquiry, welcome you to visit our company and talk to us.

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An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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