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Addison Next Generation of Benders

A new generation of all electric tube bending machines has been developed by Addison-Mckee at their UK plant.

The Electra range is based on a modular approach enabling different model formats to be produced based on the same fundamental design.

Addison's new bender

Electric bending machines offer significant benefits over their conventional hydraulic counterparts.

The fully programmable 8 axis basis Electra has CNC control of all movements and offers new, radical answers to traditional tube manipulation problems enabling users to consider production solutions previously thought of as impossible or impracticable. Key advantages include elimination of manual machine setting following tool change giving guaranteed repeatability, flexible programming and fast changeover times.

Greater control means better quality bends and, because there are no hydraulics, there are no leaks and, importantly, greatly reduced temperature variations. Reduced running costs, low level maintenance and a quieter operational environment add up to a powerful package.

The options include single and variable multi-stack, multi radius and SynchroBend boost bending which enables the Electra to bend exotic materials into configurations previously considered impossible.

Addison-Mckee has also developed a new operating system for the Electra range.

The easy to operate Mark 1V CNC system features Addison Windows NT4 software with 3D graphics and simple touch screen part programming based on a Siemens 840D Control incorporating Profibus fieldbus wiring. It offers the operator complete control of the boost facility and improved repeatability. There are five current Electra models bending 25mm, 40mm, 75mm, 89mm and 100mm pipe.

All Machines are backed by Addison-McKee's renowned worldwide after sales package. Relying on its 100 year experience in the rotary swaging process, Torrington Swager and Vaill End Forming Machinery Inc. is again innovating by adding a revolutionary insonorisation system. Internal, safe, convenient and efficient, the new design decreases noise by 25 % without changing any visible part of the machine!!!! Swaging machines are no longer what you have in mind :

Further information can be obtained from:

Addison Tube Forming Limited, UK
- Attn: Peter Chapman
- Tel. +44 01772 334511
- Fax. +44 01772 323227
- WWW.
- Email.

An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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