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$200M benefit to TI Group's Dowty from Boeing C-17 successes

16 May 2000

TI Group announced today that its Dowty aerospace division will benefit from the UK Ministry of Defence's decision to lease four Boeing C-17 Globemaster III aircraft and, longer term, to order 25 of the new Airbus A400M, in order to meet its requirement for heavy lift aircraft.

Under a separate contract, Dowty will now supply titanium tubular systems for the C-17, following Boeing's decision to outsource all tube and duct assemblies throughout the cargo plane. The value of these two awards will be over $25 million, bringing the total estimated worth to the company of the C-17 programme to some $200 million.

Dowty already provides wing structural components, hydraulics and actuation, and turbine engine components for the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III and was selected as a Best of British supplier by Boeing earlier this year. Its share of the C-17 programme has amounted to nearly $100 million to date. Following the latest contract award, more than $100 million of further sales are due over the next four years, based on known aircraft orders.

On the A400M, Dowty has supported Airbus and is already involved in discussions regarding opportunities on this aircraft when design specifications are finalised and equipment suppliers selected. As a supplier of hydraulics and actuation and turbine engine components on all of the Airbus civil aircraft and structural components on a range, including the new A340-500/600, the company is well positioned to benefit from the A400M development.

Dowty is a world leader in specialised hydraulics and actuation, turbine engine components, aerostructures, tubular systems and propellers for the world's aerospace industry. From over 35 facilities in Europe and North America, it supplies 40 leading aircraft and engine OEMs, has equipment flying on more than 200 aircraft types and supports 450 airlines and 150 military operators in 90 countries.

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An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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