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Roborough Engineering & ABB Flexible Automation
Robotic Systems Integration Partnership

ABB Flexible Automation, the Swedish world leaders in the manufacture of robotic products and systems, have appointed Roborough Engineering Limited as Systems Integration Partners for the Tube Manipulation Industry.

UK based Roborough manufacture a range of tube end forming machinery including their own dedicated automatic tube loading machine capable of loading straight tube at high speeds.

The current trend in tube manipulation is to build flexible cells capable of handling a range of tube sizes and shapes. This increasingly involves the use of robots to achieve a combination of speed and flexibility. ABB and Roborough found themselves frequently working together leading to the Partnership that brings technical benefits both companies and their customers.

To launch the Partnership ABB & Roborough put on a joint demonstration at the recent Open House Exhibition held by Pullmax Limited. An ABB Robot was shown loading 18 mm diameter 600 mm long steel tube into Roboroughs' latest specification Tube End Former. For demonstration purposes longer than normal movements were used, yet a cycle time of 11.5 seconds was achieved to produce an end form on both ends of the tube. The demonstration can be viewed on Roboroughs' web site at

Robot demonstration at the Pullmax Open House Feb 99.

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An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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