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Coil Joining Technologies Receives Order from IPSCO, Regina, Canada

Coil Joining Technologies Received Order for A State of the Art Coil End Joining System from IPSCO, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

IPSCO, a major worldwide producer of welded tube and pipe, has selected Coil Joining Technologies as their partner in improving productivity on their 24 inch Pipe Mill located in Regina, Canada. Improvements to the production facilities will include new Induction Welding, Annealing and specially designed Coil End Joining Process equipment. Coil Joining Technologies will supply a specially designed system to provide automatic cropping and disposal of mill edge coil ends, automatic material positioning and automatic welding of strip ends for Pipe material grades up to X-100. Some notable design features include:

  • A new PLC control will provide complete integration with current line functions. This will include remote IO communications between components to reduce installation time and improve process reliability.
  • A new central hydraulic power supply for the entire mill entry system. 150 HP / 100 GPM @ 2,500 PSI.
  • CJT exclusive design, Flying Hydraulic action Crop Shear, for coil tail and lead end precision shearing in preparation for coil end joining. This specially designed unit eliminates the need for precropping in another shear prior to entering the coil end joining station. The new system will replace a currently installed stationary crop shear rated at 0.750 inch thick. The CJT designed shear is rated at 375 Tons capacity.
  • Fully automatic material scrap disposal of up to one-meter lengths of both coil tail and lead ends.
  • Fully automatic, high speed, multi-torch MIG welding with CJT exclusive design torch motion controls and automatic edge detection. This provides Full Penetration welding for maximum strength weld joints.
  • Fully automatic bias shearing and welding for superior weld performance and reduced stresses in the pipe forming process.
  • Hydraulic action camber correction for better edge-to-edge alignment from coil to coil in the weld joint.

We are please to add IPSCO to our customer list and proud to be part of their continued growth. IPSCO joins such well known companies as: Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Carpenter Technologies and mill builders such as Abbey Etna, DMS and Mannesmann. We appreciate the confidence shown in our technology capability and dedication to continued product improvement.

Coil Joining Technologies designs, manufactures and services their products worldwide. We offer weld process development for TIG, Plasma, Multi-cathode, Laser, MIG and Subarc. Complete coil joining systems are available for materials from 0.005" to 1.00" (0.127 to 25 mm) thick with widths from 0.250" to 120" (6.35 mm to 3 meters).

Visit our web site, for additional information about our products and our technology partners, Kent, TESGO and Intergrated Industrial Systems.

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An authorization has been granted for TubeNet to publish this article

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