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Cut-off (cut to length) machines and tooling
USA, Canada & South America

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Company: Continental Pipe & Tube Cut Off Machines, IL, United States
Attn: Sales Dept

Continental has manufactured pipe and tube cutting machinery for a wide variety of industries since 1919. Specializing in the rotary cutting process, Continental produces its machines, blades and accessories in the U.S.

Continental's original machine was designed to provide a fast, clean square cut with no material waste and no end finishing. The product line consists of eight different machine models, both hand operated and pneumatic. Accessories have been added to the product line, including automatic length gauge assemblies, cutter block assemblies and tube support systems. They reduce set-up time, while increasing production rates.

Continental machines are used in many industries for cutting and grooving pipe and tube, from automotive, lighting, and processing centers to farming, furniture, fencing, heating and refrigeration. Any manufacturing process that requires cutting round pipe or tube can use a Continental machine.

Continental has grown from a small operation with five employees and 5,000 sq ft in Chicago to its existing facility with 23,000 sq ft and 21 employees. Located in Addison, IL, the company has over 500 customers worldwide and is a division of Kiene Diesel Accessories.

     Tel: +1 630 543 7170   Fax: +1 630 543 5953
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