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Lubricants and Lubrication equipment
USA, Canada & South America

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TubeNet Premium Listing
Etna Products, Inc. Tube & pipe manufacturing lubricants - OH
G Whitfield Richards Co. Lubricants for the extrusion & tube industry, USA - PA
MAG Tool Inc. Pipe & tube fabrication, pipe freezing equipment - Canada
Lube Systems, Inc. Lubrication systems for rotating equipment. - NJ
Castrol Industrial North America Coolants and rust preventitives - IL
Igucima Industria de Lubrificantes Ltda Lubricants for pipe manufacturing. - Brazil
Mfm Metal Fabricating Machinery Inc. Tube benders, end forming, notching, hole punching - Canada
Flex Systems Consultants Inc. Tube forming & fabricating equipment & tooling - OH
Potter & Associates, Inc. Tube mills and rollforming equipment and tooling - MI
Amcol Corporation Coolants, lubricants, application equipment - MI
Sikowski & Associates, Inc. Dry-film lubricant; metalformability servo-press - MI
Irmco High performance non-oil metalforming lubricants - IL
Oakite Canada Limited Tube coatings, lubricants & phosphates - Canada
Commonwealth Oil Corporation Mfr. and Compound Blenders and Lab. - Canada
Unist, Inc. Precise Fluid Dispensing Products - MI
Eastern Oil Company Customized tube bending and drawing compounds. - MI
Condat Corporation Lubricants for the extrusion and tube industry - MI
[USA, Canada & South-America]     [Europe]     [Asia & Australasia]     [Africa & Middle-East]
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