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Modular Tube Endformer
Airmo Inc., Pressure Technologies
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Company: Airmo Inc., Pressure Technologies, MN, United States
Attn: Wilfried Hein

Modular Tube Endformer

The Airmo 400-M compact modular tube end former is ideal for automotive tube fabrication work cells. This portable end form system has modular tooling designed for quick change from one size tube and form type to another. The modular tooling is actuated with the standard, integrated, portable power pack while offering the user a wide range of versatility. The three module sizes are capable of forming tube diameters from 1/8 (3mm) to 3 (75mm) OD. This range of sizes and forms serves well for a number of automotive tube applications such air conditioning, fuel, brake, power steering and exhaust systems. This modular tooling accurately forms a variety of end forms with cycles of 3 to 5 seconds. By use of individual forming and gripping modules, this system can be configured to your specific applications. The gripping modules have quick-change collet sets to accept different tube diameters. The forming modules can be easily converted to a number of different standard end forms such as expansion, reduction, flare, bead, etc. Because of its compact design, 26(66cm) x 18(46cm) foot print, and versatile capabilities, this system is ideal for cell manufacturing.

AIRMO Inc., USA Phone: 763-786-0000 Fax: 763-786-4622

E-mail: Website:

     Tel: 7637860000   Fax: 7637864622
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