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Simulation of Tube Making Process ; Roll Tool Inspection
data M Software + Engineering GmbH
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Company: data M Software + Engineering GmbH, Germany
Attn: Albert Sedlmaier

The new version of COPRA Roll Form software will be shown at Tube Dusseldorf 2004. Some of the new features are a so-called roll-browser and project manager allowing for a comfortable roll tool management during the design.
The strain analysis software COPRA DTM (COPRA Deformation Technology Module) will be shown in a new version which is able to calculate now even longitudinal plastic strain values in the material caused by the forming process. This gives the user essential hints about possible overworking of the coil material in order to achieve a proper welding and tube quality.
data M Softwares high-end Finite Element Analysis Software COPRA FEA RF which was introduced first to the tube industry at Tube Dusseldorf 2000 and has been extended since then continuously.
The non-linear elasto plastic calculation (based on MSC.MARC), the automatically generated model, a process-wizard driven easy definition of process parameters and reduced calculation time are making this solution to a virtual try-out and analysis tool.
At Tube 2004 data M will be showing COPRA FEA RF with an integrated simulation of the welding process as well in addition to the analysis of the forming process before and after the welding unit.
COPRA FEA RF actually allows for both the verification of roll tool design as well as the analysis of tube making and roll forming processes.

COPRA RollScanner
data Ms optical roll inspection machine COPRA RollScanner will be shown in a new and extended version having three computerised axes (instead of two) for an automatic focussing of every roll-contour.
The COPRA RollScanner is working like a fully automatic profile projector and automatically generates accurate CAD drawings from existing roll tooling (or profile cross sections) - for archiving purposes or quality control. The data files can also be used in order to analyse and trouble-shoot existing forming processes. In this case the scanned data are imported into data Ms finite element analysis software COPRA FEA RF where an analysis of the forming and welding process is being done.

     Tel: +49 8024 640-0   Fax: +49 8024 640-300
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