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Successful Installation of Wireless Bend Corrections Cell
Advanced Tubular Technologies
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Advanced Tubular Technologies, MI, United States
Attn: Rebecca Parker

Successful Installation of
WiFi WIRELESS Communications
for a Large Bending Cell

This month Advanced Tubular Technologies completed a long-term project with an automotive-supplier customer that ordered our services for installation of a complete wireless Benderlink system connecting seven CNC benders to a tube measuring center. The 10,000 square foot bend cell uses five MiiC benders of various models and two newer KEINS benders.

The customer specified that there should be no interconnecting wires between any of the machines. All benders and the tube measuring center were interconnected using wireless WiFi networking managed by a Benderlink computer. After experimentation with multiple wireless devices to determine which system would work the best in this type application, we chose and installed the most robust of the three configurations tested. The final configuration of the wireless cell is very robust. It communicates quickly and accurately - even at extended distances.

The Benderlink computer simultaneously runs a license of Benderlink for Keins and Benderlink for MiiC software. Both programs listen for commands from the measuring center, then respond when the measuring center sends or requests data from any of the seven benders.

Each Benderlink program is pre-programmed with a list of benders each bender being assigned a unique bender number. For example bender 1 is a Keins bender, and bender 3 is a MiiC bender. The two Benderlink software packages cooperate to automatically route corrections data to the appropriate bending machine using the proper data format. When the tube measuring center sends data to bender 3, then Benderlink for MiiC automatically responds to the request, translates the data, then sends the corrections wirelessly to the MiiC bender.

Also each Benderlink program allows for offline programming of all seven benders. The customer can view data currently on any bender, then change bender data items and then transfer it back to the bender using the Benderlink Windows-based computer. Because Benderlink operates within Windows, the part data can be stored on the Benderlink hard drive and even backed up to the customer network.

Advanced Tubular Technologies, Inc.
5499 Perry Drive, Unit J
Waterford, MI 48329
Tel: 248 674-2059

     Tel: 248 674-2059   Fax: 248 674-2157
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