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Searching for a Tube or Pipe Endforming System?
Airmo Inc., Pressure Technologies
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Airmo Inc., Pressure Technologies, MN, United States
Attn: Wilfried Hein

Are you searching for a Tube or Pipe Endforming System?
The Airmo Model 400-MXA endforming system can be configured to your specific end form applications.

Only four modular forming heads cover tube sizes from 1/8
to 6

Flares, beads, slip fit expansion/reductions, bells, or end
reductions formed within 3 to 5 seconds

Very close concentricity and cylindricity achieved due to
the Airmo specific utilized gripping and forming modules

Compact forming heads for unproblematic integration into
fabrication work cells and multi-cell process lines

Hard to reach application possible with hand held forming

Reduced set-up time due to quick change from one tube
size/form to another

Single and multiple hit configurations are available

Airmo 400-MXA consists of a hydraulic power pack complete with all valving and circuitry to operate the Airmo hand held tool or modular forming head. The hand held, dedicated tool is connected with hydraulic hoses, terminated with quick connect couplings, designed for quick change from one size to another. The modular forming head incorporates a gripping mechanism as well as an integral-forming device. Inside each of these modules are individual sets of tooling, which can easily converted to accommodate different tube diameters or to produce different forms.

AIRMO will be displaying at Fabtech International 2004, Booth #3066. Visit our website to view our complete product offering, or contact us at:
9445 Evergreen Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55433
p 763-786-0000
f 763-786-4622

     Tel: 7637860000   Fax: 7637864622
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