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Romanian Mill ApprovesHigh-Speed EMI On-Line Inspection Unit
Scan Systems Corporation
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Scan Systems Corporation, TX, United States
Attn: David Steely

Silcotube Approves High-Speed On-Line Inspection Unit For Delivery

SILCOTUB S.A., a Romanian manufacturer of quality steel products, has bought the first complete high speed in-line digital electromagnetic inspection (EMI) unit developed and manufactured by PITCO, a division of Scan Systems Corporation, Houston, Texas. The newly manufactured DIGI-TECH EMI inspection unit is powered by PITCOs DIGI-PRO digital signal processing software and features PITCOs exclusive DIGI-WALL magnetic wall monitoring system.

Remus Barburas, manager of SILCOTUBs Department of Non-Destructive Testing, traveled to Scan Systems manufacturing in Houston for Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) prior to delivery and installation of the equipment. The testing was successfully completed, evaluating the performance of all inspection systems; longitudinal, transverse, magnetic wall system, and the grade comparator system.

Three seamless test pieces manufactured by Silcotub, with test flaws produced by Silcotubs NDT lab, were used for the acceptance testing. They ranged from common OCTG tubing with a body wall of 0.190 to heavy coupling stock with a body wall of 0.680. Each piece contained specific man-made anomalies, including internal and external longitudinal and transverse EDM notches ranging from 5% to 10% of the nominal body wall (including off axis flaws). Simulated wall reductions of the same magnitude, small flat bottom holes and various drilled through holes were also test points.

Silcotub spent almost a year searching for the right combination of technology and vendor support for this major system installation before deciding on PITCOs product line. We are proud to have been chosen by a company with SILCOTUBs excellent reputation for quality, said Danny Uselton, President of Scan Systems. He went on to say, For several years we have been selling the individual components of our DIGI-TECH product line, but this is the first unit that combines all the digital components in a single unit. And for this first unit to pass Silcotubs rigorous testing requirements so quickly is a testimony to our engineers, technicians, mechanics, and technology,

Designed to inspect pipe in excess of 200 feet per minute (60+ meters per minute) at high ambient temperatures, the unit uses non-contact Hall-effect sensors to detect any anomalies in the magnetic properties of the pipe. These sensors respond to the presence or the interruption of a magnetic field by producing a digital output proportional to the magnetic field strength.

The heart of the DIGI-TECH inspection system is the DIGI-PRO digital signal processing software which uses PITCOs proprietary SIMKARDZ technology. With this combination of technology, DIGI-TECH can measure both the longitudinal and transverse components of a magnetic field at a given region of space. It also expands the capabilities of the inspection unit to measure anomalies in the pipe wall using only EMI by reaching flux saturation, eliminating the need for the traditional radioactive source (Gamma). The signal is digitally interpreted at the source and our DIGI-WALL EMI increases the amplification of the indication for a more accurate assessment during the test.

Bob Leslie, PITCO Director of Sales, said the new DIGI-TECH unit also had some design features specific to SILCOTUB requests. The unit is mounted on a rail system that allows it to be moved off-line when not in use and replaced with a conveyor system included with the unit, he said. He added that SILCOTUB also had some specific requests for reports generated from data collected by DIGI-PRO.

More information on DIGI-TECH can be found on PITCOs web pages at Scan Systems is located at 14424 Interdrive West, Houston Texas 77032 USA. The telephone number is (281) 219-9480 in Houston or (432) 362-9448 in Odessa.


     Tel: (281) 219-9480 ext 113   Fax: (281) 219-2317
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