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Model 4 Bench-Top Weld Head
Arc Machines, Inc.
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Company: Arc Machines, Inc., CA, United States
Attn: Brett Lewis

The New Model 4 Bench-Top head is a fully integrated tube weld head system with an available fixturing plate designed for high-production bench welding of short stick-out fittings, tubes, tube to valve bodies and other similar assemblies. It is ideally suited for clean-room welding of components for the semiconductor, bio-pharmaceutical, aerospace and other industries. The Model 4 can be used by itself or with a variety of stands, blocks, etc., which can be used to support valves, regulators, tubing, etc. during welding. The quick-release tooling is both sturdy and accurate and provides excellent grip on the items to be welded. The most significant feature of the Model 4 is the water cooling of both the base unit and the weld head rotor which permits welding duty cycles beyond the capability of any currently available narrow weld head. The enthusiastic reception of the Model 4 by our knowledgeable customers means that the Model 4 provides a modern solution to many fixturing and repetitive welding problems associated with small-diameter tubing and fittings and other components. For more product information, please email

For more information regarding Arc Machines, Inc., our products and our company, please visit our Web Site at

     Tel: 818-896-9556   Fax: 818-890-3724
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