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T-Drill Becomes First Associate Member of CDA
Copper Development Association
Port Pipe and Tube Inc
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Company: Copper Development Association, NY, United States
Attn: Ken Geremia

T-Drill Becomes First Associate Member of Copper Development Association

NEW YORK T-Drill Industries, Inc., has been accepted as an associate member company of the Copper Development Association. "This marks the first change in our membership structure in 40 years," said CDA President and CEO Andrew G. Kireta Sr. "We have just opened our membership to associates, and were proud that T-Drill is the first to come aboard."

T-Drill, headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of pipe and tube fabrication machinery. Their products are well-known in the plumbing industry where they are used to produce mechanically formed outlets in pipes and tubes, especially for automatic fire sprinkler systems. Other T-Drill products are used for cutting, branching, spinning and flanging tube and pipe materials for industrial, automotive, shipbuilding and HVAC applications worldwide.

CDA is the information, education, marketing and technical development arm of the U.S. copper and brass industry. Its member companies comprise the principal copper producers and fabricators of copper and copper alloy mill products in the USA, serving the nations building construction, wire and cable, transportation, industrial and consumer products markets. CDA is affiliated with the International Copper Association, Ltd., which helps fund and coordinate market development efforts through 28 centers worldwide.

CDAs recently established associate membership category responds to the desire of many companies who serve U.S. copper markets to become more involved in the important work of the Association. Associates will have a first-hand connection to CDAs extensive marketing, education and technical development programs.

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