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Axila: New motorized 20 ft tube inspection table
Axila Inc.
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Company: Axila Inc., MI, United States
Attn: Jean-Charles Granger

Axila, world leader in non contact tube inspection, is proud to introduce ArmTube 7, First and Unique 20 ft motorized tube inspection table.

The new ArmTube 7 gives the possibility for the first time to measure very long tubes in one time Measuring parts such as exhaust lines, aircraft tubes_ becomes much more easy now.

ArmTube 7 is a dedicated measuring table with a linear rail : the arm moves on the rail and can measure up to 20 ft tubes. To be as easy to use as possible, the arm follows automatically the operator while he is measuring No need to do anything, no need to press any button, the arm will just move automatically during the inspection thanks to the motorization.

ArmTube 7 comes with Axila's G-Tube software, the standard in tube inspection. G-Tube is particularly well adapted to ArmTube 7 since it works 100% with the mouse control of the arm . G-Tube is user-friendly, and can be connected to multiple benders to send corrections automatically. Reports can be customized under Microsoft Excel.

ArmTube 7 comes with a non contact tube inspection probe with a choice from wire to 7 in. Depending on the models, the probe uses a non contact infra red or a laser technology, with the possibility to see where you measure to be easier to use and more accurate.

Some existing measuring arms can be upgraded to ArmTube 7. Contact Axila for more information.

The complete system includes :
- High accuracy measuring arm.
- Non contact tube inspection probe. Choice from wire to 7 in diameters.
- 20 ft measuring table with linear rail
- Motorization for the arm on the rail.
- G-Tube software. Runs under Windows NT, 2000 and XP.
- Pentium 4 desktop computer
- Flat screen
- Printer

About Axila:

Axila's CEO invented the first 6 axis portable articulated arm CMM in 1986, along with many other unique innovations in tube inspection, scanning and large volume measurement. Thus, Axila offers a wide range of measuring arms from 5 to 8 axis, for multiple applications (geometric inspection, reverse engineering, tube inspection), and recently introduced a laser scanner (G-Scan) for non contact measurements. Axila measuring solutions have been chosen by thousands of customers worldwide.

     Tel: 248-426-0919   Fax: 248-426-0940
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