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TekBend sells Tube Tech's Laser cutting machines in UK
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Company: TekBend, UK
Attn: Graham Wood

Tube Tech Machinery and TekBend have signed an agreement on the marketing of Laser Tube Cutting Systems in the UK.

Tube Tech Machinery is a part of the Castellini Group who have been manufacturing engineering solutions for over 50 years. They have developed a range of 2D and 3D laser tube cutting machines up to 600mm diameter, with the ability to handle up to 18 metres in length.

Laser Systems

-Tube cutting (up to 600mm diameter) -Plate cutting up to 12M> x 3.5M>; with 2D and 3D capability.

-Welding up to 1000 x 2000mm to 2050 x 4100mm and thicknesses from 1 mm to 8 mm.

-Automated in-feed and out-feed units control the flow of material with dissimilar shapes and diameters automatically fed to the cutting unit, part separation is also automatically controlled.

-Boom sections and profiles can also be processed with accurate hole, part size, and weld prep operations being processed.

-High-speed axis and linear motors on the Speed Fly model make it possible to process in-line straight from the tube manufacturing process.

The TTM range of tube cutting machines not only gives a first class cutting solution, but also addresses the handling issues of small, difficult or large tube and section.

LASER Tube Cutting Solutions

-FL 250 3D

The work piece is placed between the four sliding self-centring jaws of the mobile mandrel. Owing to their design, the jaws do not require claw replacement. The fixed mandrel itself, which consists of a solid structure where four self-centring idling rollers are accommodated, does not require tool-changing.

-FL 400 3D

The FL 400 3D is built to guarantee the maximum degree of precision, quality and productivity for the laser cutting of tubes from 40 to 406 mm diameter. The machine allows tubes with a maximum length of 14000 mm to be processed. The tubes which can be loaded using a bundle or chain system, and the machine offers a host of machining possibilities owing to linear motors on 5 work axes and to a 3D cutting head.

-FL 600 3D

The FL600 3D was conceived to work on tubes with round, square and rectangular sections, which are loaded automatically with a tube loading system from a bundle, while the open section profiles are loaded with a chain loading system. The Work range is 90 to 610 mm diameter, for tube lengths up to 14000 mm and more. The "heart" of the plant is a tri-dimensional system called "Sphera" which enables any point in a spherical space to be machined: movement is along 5 interpolated axes, with re-circulating ball screws and linear motors.

-Speedfly 5

Revolutionary plant for in-line laser cutting of tubes. It can be used for any profile with diameters of up to 220 mm and more. It overcomes the great drawbacks of the traditional cutting systems still used in today's production of welded tubes. High cutting quality, absence of burrs and cooling fluids, noiseless operation, and no need for machine downtime for frequent tool changes are the distinctive features of this innovative plant.

LASER Flat Plate Cutting Solutions

-TL 312 3D Speed

The TL 312 Speed 3D is equipped with an automatic pallet change system and with a dual portal where the tri-dimensional cutting head and the laser source are positioned. The first portal, which is very lightweight, carries the cutting head and can therefore move rapidly, performing all the required machining with high acceleration. The second portal follows the first one like a rubber band, as it is connected to it by pressurised rubber bellows; it carries the laser source, enabling all the work area to be reached and its machining tasks to be performed with consistency, precision and rapidity.

LASER Welding Solutions

-TS 4.20 2D

Our TS 4.20 2D system cuts and welds metal sheets by means of a single, special cutting and welding head. The system can process metal sheets with dimensions from 1000 x 2000mm to 2050 x 4100mm and thicknesses from 1 mm to 8 mm, with laser power of 5000W or 6000W. After the process, the metal sheets can measure 4000 x 20000 mm and more. The machine is equipped with an automatic loading system, which allows a high degree of automation and prolonged continuous operation.

     Tel: 01625 250380  
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