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Benderlink for Pedrazzoli Released
Advanced Tubular Technologies
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Company: Advanced Tubular Technologies, MI, United States
Attn: Rebecca Parker

Advanced Tubular Technologies recently released the new Benderlink for Pedrazzoli software designed to connect the Pedrazzoli benders to other computers and measuring centers.

The Pedrazzoli control is a DOS-based control with a hard-drive that can manage a large database of parts. It is used on the Bendmaster and Orbital benders. Benderlink interfaces directly with the Pedrazzoli database through an RS-232 cable connected to the bender.

During August of 2003, the new Benderlink for Pedrazzoli was successfully tested and demonstrated at a large HVAC customer plant in South Carolina. The customer needed better control of the process of establishing master data then transferring the new data to the Pedrazzoli control. This was accomplished with the Benderlink for Pedrazzoli software system built on three separate software modules:

--Software Module 1--------
Data Management

- Create a new Pedrazzoli part file.
- Load existing Pedrazzoli part files.
- Edit the data of the data fields.
- Transfer individual part data to the bender (like the Transfer module).
- Copy an entire Pedrazzoli data base from the bender to the server.
- Drag-and-drop data files into the program.
- Double-click on any ".bped" file to run Benderlink for Pedrazzoli
- Bender Data Management module and load the part automatically.
- Perform corrections loops with measuring centers.

--Software Module 2--------
Data Transfer

- Designed for restricted access for bender operators
- Read-only files created by the Data Management Module
- Transfer data to the Pedrazzoli control

--Software Module 3--------
Data Server

- Resides and runs on the Pedrazzoli control
- Handles incoming requests for data transmission from Benderlink at computers that are attached through the serial port

Compatible with
Adaptive Motion Control Systems
Bender Controls

Since these controls were originally designed by Adaptive Motion Control Systems, the Benderlink for Pedrazzoli software is also compatible with many Adaptive Motion Control Systems bender controls.

Advanced Tubular Technologies is a software development company that has specialized in producing software and communications solutions for tube fabricators since 1983.

     Tel: 248 674-2059   Fax: 248 674-2157
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